How to decontaminate your photo and electronic equipment

How to decontaminate your photo and electronic equipment

In this period of sanitary crisis and Covid-19, the cleaning and disinfection of its photographic equipment is a priority for any agency and any professional or amateur photographer. Especially photographic equipment that has been recently bought second-hand. Photo Ciné Réparation, specialist in the repair of photographic equipment for more than 30 years, brings us its advice in a clear and quick video.

The tips presented here naturally extend to all other electronic equipment, including your computer’s keyboard as well as smartphones, tablets, etc.

To decontaminate in an effective way, Photo Ciné Réparation advises to bring a decontamination product (such as isopropanol), a long hair brush, tissues and a cloth to try on glasses like chamois leather.

The first step is of course to wash your hands before handling, or to use gloves. It is also advisable to remove the battery for safety.

You must then spray the decontamination product evenly onto the device.

Then, a brush with fine, long bristles allows you to clean the device in areas that are difficult to reach, such as buttons, knobs, etc. The movements do not necessarily have to be precise, but it is important to pass over all surfaces with the brush, especially behind the removable screen – with an easy and light passage so as not to damage the electrical circuits.

The cleaning of the strap is more radical: one machine turn is enough (in a net to avoid damaging it).

Then, it is important to remove the excess product with a classic lint-free tissue. To clean the viewfinder, a ball-shaped tissue is used to remove traces of product.

Finally, a cloth for glasses or chamois leather will allow to remove the traces, in particular at the level of the screens.

With this method, the camera is cleaned and decontaminated. If you don’t have the different elements, Photo Ciné Réparation offers a decontamination kit in its shops in Nantes, Laudun or by phone.

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